Get out that RED marker
and put it on your calendar.

What better way to kick off the holidays?

The Very Bad Santa Crawl
     December 13, 2014
     Starts at 5pm in
     the French Quarter

We are determined to make this year's Very Bad Santa Crawl bigger and better than any year before. (Is that possible?) So to get people committed early, we are going to give the first 200 who sign up a little lagniappe, a little something special. We are not quite ready to tell you yet (smaller than a breadbox), but Santa de la Playa has never let you down in all these years. And the cost is still only $10 making it the most affordable Santa crawl in town.

So, yes Virginia, you can sign up NOW.

How many do you want?

And since everybody asked last year, we now have it set up so you can buy several at a time - meaning you can take care of your friends.